Does God Have A Plan or Does It Matter

Many years ago, prior to GPS being available, taking road trip with my wife meant that I would have to plan our route using a road atlas. For anyone not familiar with a road atlas, it is a booklet that has all the roads for a given state, city, and/ or community. We would take this road atlas and determine the best possible route, for our commute, from one state to the next.

While determining the best possible route, we would also look on the internet at tourist attractions in each state as we passed by. Looking to see the distance between where we would be, in our journey, in respect to where the tourist attraction would be we would be able to validate stopping points, sleeping areas, and rest stops along the way. (It would be counterproductive to drive in opposing directions unnecessarily) Once we had our cross-country route planned, with associated stops, we would pack our vehicle and our trip would begin.

With the use of the road atlas we would rarely lose our way. We understood where we would stop at a hotel, motel, or even during the trip know the locations of the rest stops. May I say that we are not necessarily planners, we do not have to have things a certain way, but planning for a long trip saves time, saves stress, as well as allows one to understand possible distance and time of travel to plan for fuel stops.

God’s will (plan) for our lives is much like taking a road trip. There are several stops along the way, sometimes we get confused of our location and must stop for directions, and sometimes nothing goes according to plan. At times our vehicle breaks down and we must take it to a mechanic to get serviced, we may run out of gas and need assistance from others to get more fuel, and the list can go on.

There are people which will debate God may not have a plan for our lives. As long as we read scripture, attempt to live according to the principles of the bible we are safe, as well as tithe to the church then we are living the way God desires us to live. Can I say I disagree?

Comparing a road trip to God’s will for our lives is the same thing as saying counterproductively does not matter. If I am driving from Georgia to Alabama, then it does matter that I go to New York along the way. In this scenario, yes, it does matter if I am only intending to drive from Georgia to Alabama but yet went to New York for no apparent reason. If God is telling us to get in our vehicles and drive the short distance, to make a cross country trip is an intentional act of rebellion; why would we do that?

Gospel of Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

We need to remember the debate is not whether or not God has a plan, the argument is whether or not we know what God plans are for our lives. For someone to say there are no plan, this might insinuate the person has never taken the time to ask God for His purpose in their lives.

2 Peter 1:10, “Therefore, brothers, be all the more diligent to confirm your calling and election, for if you practice these qualities you will never fall.”

In order to have a calling we must have a purpose for that calling. A person may be called to preach but does it matter where and to whom? If the where and whom does not matter, then God’s purpose in the why is left unanswered. In order to know and understand the why, we need to have the where and the whom.

Do plans change? Yes! How can we know for sure what we are doing is actually what God desires us to do?

Many times, in our lives, Godly people speak truth into us. God shares his plans for us in many different ways. Sometimes complete strangers, in conversation, will say, “have you ever considered….” I might be in a store speaking with another customer and they say, “have you ever considered….” I can be in church and someone say, “have you ever considered….” If all these unconnected conversations lead to the same path; chances are high this is the Holy Spirit attempting to guide us in God’s plan.

May I say that understanding the where and the whom in order to accomplish the why is the source of all peace. Without being obedient to God there will be no peace.

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